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Join ONDC through CSC grameen e-store for Limitless Commerce Opportunities and Elevate your business to extraordinary heights by joining ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce)

How ONDC works to help GeM sellers

Join ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce), a Government of India-backed initiative. Launched in September 2022, Enhance e commerce experience of selling across with CSC Grameen eStore, a powerful e-commerce platform with extensive reach. Leveraging our influence in the deepest corners of India, we empower remote local manufacturers, craftspeople, and indigenous producers to showcase and sell their products online. This collaboration opens up avenues for sellers to tap into markets across the country, ensuring broader visibility and increased sales.

How you can join ONDC ecosystem through Grameen e-store


Fuel the success of SMEs by boosting their profitability through optimized order management. Elevate your business and reach wider audiences seamlessly with the Grameen eStore Network-compliant, user-friendly, and feature-rich Grameen e-store seller app, designed to streamline your selling experience.

Benefits of Joining ONDC network

1. Diverse Buyer Apps: Unlike one platform based apps, ONDC allows your products to be discovered on various buyer apps within its network, providing exposure to a broader audience beyond a single platform.

2. No Platform Limitations: Break free from the constraints of a single marketplace. ONDC lets you reach buyers using different buyer apps, eliminating the exclusivity tied to a specific platform.

3. Democratized Access: ONDC fosters a more inclusive environment, ensuring that your products are accessible to a diverse range of buyers across various platforms, promoting fairness and equal opportunity.

4. Reduced Dependency: Diversifying your presence on ONDC means reducing reliance on a single platform. This minimizes the impact of any changes or policies on a specific marketplace.

5. Community-Centric Approach: Joining ONDC aligns you with a platform that prioritizes a community-centric model, creating an ecosystem that supports both sellers and buyers beyond the traditional marketplace dynamics.

6. Empowered Seller Environment: Experience a seller-friendly environment with ONDC's policies, designed to empower sellers and facilitate business growth with greater flexibility and support.

7. Inclusive Growth: ONDC focuses on inclusive growth, providing sellers with the opportunity to expand their market presence and connect with a more diverse customer base.

8. Innovative Solutions: ONDC encourages innovation and offers sellers the flexibility to adapt and innovate their business models, allowing for creative and customized approaches to selling.

9. Lower Fees: Enjoy potentially lower fees compared to other e-commerce platforms, contributing to better profit margins for your business.

10. Enhanced Visibility: Benefit from increased visibility across various buyer apps on the ONDC Network, giving your products exposure to a wider range of potential customers.

How GeM sellers can start selling on ONDC

Register on GeM portal
Once your request for joining get approved
You will receive login credential over your registered email on GeM
Login to your portal
Add your products
Add your inventory
Fulfill your received through ONDC

With Grameen e-store win customers with mobile first solutions

Attract, captivate, and nurture your buyers seamlessly with Grameen eStore's mobile-first solutions. Integrate multiple mobile channels to expand your presence across various sales channels. Effortlessly manage your business on the go with our mobile admin interface. Develop your Android and iOS apps to scale with your business.

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