Payment Terms & conditions

Payment Terms and conditions (GeM Seller)

  • Supplier needs to Bill and Ship the orders directly to buyers and Not to CSC Grameen eStore.
  • Suppliers need to bill and dispatch within 2 days of receipt of Orders and share dispatch details on our portal.
  • Payment will be made only after we see the Billing and delivery report of the material on our portal. Grameen eStore will charge 5% as commission and this will be deducted from the total payment. (Subject to change)
  • While making the payment to sellers we will deduct 1% TDS and 1% TCS from the payment and the balance will be transferred to supplier's bank account
  • CSC Grameen eStore will deduct the commission before release the payment to Partner and in month's end we will provide the commission invoice. If the TDS certificate is submitted by the partner then we will refund the TDS amount to partner.
  • There are some deduction happen at time of payment done from CSC Grameen eStore to Supplier . one example for your reference.

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