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CSC Grameen eStore

CSC Grameen eStore VLE App gives complete freedom to the VLE to add products, get orders and order nearby partners.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

Your eStore, Your App, You are the Boss.

  • Add products which you want to sell from our Master Catalog through Manage Products Section.

  • Order nearby Distributors, Add your Stock to your inventory and manage it like a Pro.

  • Get New Customer Orders, Manage (Ship, Cancel, Deliver) through My Orders Section.

  • Set your Store Profile like eStore Location, eStore Timings, Delivery Range and many more.

No.1 App to run your eCommerce Business

CSC Grameen eStore VLE App is very simple to use.

  • Set up eStore Profile

    Set your eStore Location, eStore Opening Timings, Delivery timings, Delivery Charges.

  • Order from nearby Partners

    Get products delivered at your doorstep by ordering products from Distributors.

  • Manage Inventory

    Add products from Master Catalog to your inventory and manage the stock.

  • Get Ready for Delivery

    Manage Order Status- New Orders, Shipped Orders, Delivered Orders and Cancelled Orders.

Frequently asked questions

Know frequently asked questions by VLE about CSC Grameen eStore project

The registration process for the VLE is simple & clear. Any VLE with valid CSC ID can set up a new eStore here or directly in the eStore VLE App. Once registered, the eStore team of the respective State will approve the VLE as an eStore in two days of time. Once approved, VLE can login with the Mobile number & Password on CSC Grameen eStore VLE App and start his business. Once profile is set & products are added to the inventory, the respective eStores will be visible in CSC Grameen eStore App for the customers. 

CSC Grameen eStore is an Online Store. We are promoting online shopping into the rural markets. Because of COVID-19, online shopping will be becoming a new normal in the future. Online is better than Que line. CSC eGov always thinks to open new business opportunities for the VLE and their betterment. eStore Team ensures that VLE gets best incentives in this business.

VLE App has a master catalogue of all the products which are sold in the country. eStore VLE can select any product which he/she want to sell and add to his inventory. Once a product gets added to eStore inventory, Customers will be able to order the product from CSC Grameen eStore App. If eStore VLE want to add a product to the eStore which is not available in our master catalogue, VLE can request it through the web version of login.

VLE can login here with his VLE app credentials and request a product. Once the product is requested, our eStore product manager team will check and approve the product with in 2 days of time. The quality of the product sold to the customer will sole responsibility of the eStore VLE. Ensure maximum quality for best business practice.

There is only 1 App to manage your eStore which is eStore VLE App. VLE can download the app from Google Play Store & App Store. It is free of cost for the eStore VLE to download. In this app, eStore VLE can order a partner, manage inventory, manage orders from Customers & Set eStore profile (location, delivery timings, delivery range & charges). VLE should promote CSC Grameen eStore app in the locality to get orders from customers.

Distributor App is for our partners/distributors. eStore VLE do not need to care about the Distributor App. eStore VLE can order a product from a “Distributor List” in VLE App itself. eStore Team ensures that an eStore VLE gets maximum commission from a product if ordered through VLE App to our distributor partner. 

The list of products the eStore VLE wants to sell through his eStore are available in the inventory. Once a product is added to the inventory, customers will be able to book the product online. VLE can define the stock of a product (no of pieces on hand), MRP of product through the VLE app. The stock gets automatically deducted once eStore receives an order of that product from customers. This will help the VLE to manage the products effectively.

We will ensure we give best support for our eStore VLE. The support mechanism is designed so that local problems get resolved locally. Escalating a problem can be done through (1) Your District Manager, (2) State eStore team/State group, (3) email to central team at support@cscestore.in  

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CSC Grameen eStore VLE App is available for all devices

CSC Grameen eStore VLE App is designed to work with all the devices from a basic Android & iOS Platforms so that every one can use it with ease.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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