How can a VLE Add an eStore?

Any VLE with active transacting CSC ID, with a minimum of 6 months' experience in CSC, is eligible for setting up an eStore. Opportunity is for all CSC in any Village all over the country.

If a VLE is already owning a production line or having a Kirana/Grocery store, he is straight away eligible for setting up an eStore. Also, Any VLE who wants to explore e-commerce ideas in his village/town/city can do it. Give your interest to CSC SPV dynamic District Managers, they will compile all data every week and send it to the State team. The state team verifies it.

That's it! You can see your store in CSC Grameen eStore app. Yes, It's that simple. But wait...

You need to know more!

CSC SPV is only providing a platform for VLE via a Mobile Application to reach their customers digitally. But it is the sole responsibility of the VLE to manage, maintain the App, Product stocks, Delivery agents, Quality of the Products sold, and finally, Customer Satisfaction. CSC SPV doesn't hold the responsibility for the quality of any product delivered to the customer.

However, CSC SPV is responsible for the part, to whom we are giving the opportunity to set up the eStore. If we find any complaint regarding any particular eStore in any Village/Town/City in the country, We will take strict action on the VLE and remove the eStore from our database immediately. We can even stop the CSC ID, in that case, after inquiry.

CSC SPV urges all VLEs to set rules for their eStore and explore the big opportunities of eStore & e-commerce. Use it to increase your customer reach.

We have some recommendations before you start.

VLE Manala Ravi or VLE Nageswari of Telangana State tested their models before they are started. Also, Read about VLE Kolli Prasad success story here. During the times of COVID-19, They had tied up with their friends Local Kirana/ Super Market. They created a simple website (, started taking orders on WhatsApp and delivered essentials to the customers. They had taken necessary permissions from the local MLA and Police to start their model. And they are working out in their own way, for their own village.

CSC SPV or CSC Grameen eStore did not provide any ID Card to any VLE or their delivery agents to go out during COVID-19. Read the terms and conditions below.

Why CSC Grameen eStore?

1. Business App:

Set your business rules and manage your Product Catalog here. Choose what you want to sell in your eStore from more than 70,000+ products already available in the app. Also, add customer support via WhatsApp chatbot.

2. Orders App:

Manage your New, Shipped, Delivered, Cancelled orders. Create your Delivery agent login and make the best delivery experience to your customers.

To login to the above apps, Please fix yourself on the products you want to sell, the business rules like delivery times, slots, distance, etc and give your name to our dynamic CSC district manager, if everything is OK, we will give you the login credentials. Yes, Only VLE are eligible.
Explore how other eStores are working in the All-New CSC Grameen eStore App. Download now. This app is for buyers
.CSC Grameen eStore App on Google Play

Please Read the Terms and Conditions carefully:

  • The final recommendation of CSC eStores of VLE in the respective states will be done by the CSC State Head of the respective state.
  • If anyone sells above MRP, then he can be brought to consumer court by consumer. CSC SPV is not at all responsible for any misdemeanors or wrong usage of the App by the VLEs.
  • CSC SPV or CSC eStore did not give ID Card to any VLE to go out during COVID-19.
  • VLE's CSC ID is a must for setting up, to get the necessary support from CSC SPV.
  • CSC Grameen eStore recommends VLE can only deliver around 10km around his store at maximum.
  • The complete responsibility of App management, App Security, Quality of Product sold on the app, is on the respective eStore/VLE only.
  • CSC will not be responsible for the quality of the product sold in any of the eStore.
  • CSC SPV is only providing a platform to expands VLEs' e-commerce business.
  • VLE should not share his/her passwords with anyone. For any kind of problem contact your District Manager immediately.
  • All 3 apps are powered by MiGrocer. Any kind of technical support for the app shall be dealt with MiGrocer only.
  • This e-commerce platform will be free up to June 2020. An appropriate decision will be taken after the free period.
  • Any payment failures shall be dealt by the respective payment gateways' terms & conditions.
  • VLE is responsible for all statutory taxation & compliances.
  • VLE is always encouraged to go for Cash after Delivery. If in any case order gets not delivered, VLE shall be solely responsible.
  • CSC ID will be deactivated and strict action will be taken by the VLE if any customer grievance is recorded on any VLE.