No, there are no charges for downloading CSC Grameen eStore App. It can be downloaded by any citizen from Google Play Store and App Store for free of cost.

The return & replacement policy will be as per the respective eStore. Customer can directly contact the eStore for replacement of an ordered product. If you have any grevience about an eStore, email us at

The status of an order is visible in "Manage Orders" section of CSC Grameen eStore App. Customer will be intimated via SMS at all stages of the order i.e, Confirmed, Shipped, and Delivered. Customer can also cancel the order before it is shipped.

Customers can tally the No of Items ordered, Quantity, Expiry Date and Quality of Product before paying the Cash to the Delivery Cadet. A products' quality is as per the manufacturer of the product only. For unbranded and perishable items customers need to check the quality before taking delivery.

The eStore opening & closing timings vary for each eStore. Customer can check them in the CSC Grameen eStore App before placing the order.

At present, CSC Grameen eStore App accepts only Cash of Delivery (COD).  Cash on delivery means that our customer can pay for their order at the time of order delivery at their doorstep.

All the prices are inclusive of GST as per Government Guidelines and Regulations. No extra taxes are levied by CSC Grameen eStore.

The Delivery timings are specified in the App as per the eStore. Customers can choose the delivery time at his convenience.

Delivery Charges vary for each eStore based on location of eStore from customers place and also the minimum order value. Customer can check eStore delivery charges in CSC Grameen eStore App during checkout.

VLE CANNOT cancel the order once he/she has placed on the VLE App. NO CANCELLATION POLICY is started from the date 29-04-2022 on VLE App. In case VLE doesn't get the delivery, the order will be REJECTED and VLE would get full amount refund within 45 days from the date of order. Refund will be done to the same bank account the VLE has paid the money from. No manual cancellations requests are entertained. Any discrepancy related to refund can be raised to

Any damaged product will be replaced according to the terms and conditions of the partner/dealer. Any support related to replacement can be raised a grievance in the app or can be emailed to

Product shall NOT be returned unless it is mentioned in by the partner.

The Order will be delivered to the VLEs within 30 days from the date of order. If the deadline is completed then a surcharge amount will be paid to VLEs by the dealer or partner.

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CSC Grameen eStore App is available for all devices

CSC Grameen eStore App is designed to work with all the devices from a basic Android & iOS Platforms so that every one can use it with ease.

* Available on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices

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