CSC Dhwani      

CSC Dhwani is a service exclusively available to the VLE in Digital Seva Portal. With this service, VLE is able to make an audio profile for himself or to the businesses in his area.

CSC Dhwani is an amazing service to get one audio profile for the businesses. Making quality audio is more difficult than making a good poster or good video. One should hire an audio vocalist, set up a studio, record and mix the voice, which is a long and complicated process. The cost of this process will be based on the minutes of the audio. It may range starting from Rs.3000 for one minute.

But for VLE, CSC SPV has made it simple. Just a click of the finger, your audio profile will be delivered to you. Click the below button, register. And the cost for one audio profile is just Rs. 500+taxes only. We will give you Studio Quality Output and if you want any changes in the audio, please report within 7 days of delivery.  

Why CSC Dhwani for Rural Marketing?

01 Studio Quality product
02 Easily available for VLE at lesser costs
03 Use it like a Digital Dandora
Digital Marketing primarily focusses on Email, Mobile SMS, Facebook or Google Ads but rural people are not so familiar with it. But a Digital Dandora in the village is much more effective. So, CSC Dhwani is very important for rural digital marketing.

Click the link below to buy one for your CSC eStore. Redirects to Digital Seva Connect.